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This course provides a solid platform for leadership roles, designed for test managers and senior testers looking to develop their leadership skills, specifically around resourcing and managing a test team.

Test Team Leadership will equip you with the ability to better manage people, test activities and test strategy for better project outcomes. The course covers essential skills including communication, conflict resolution, appraisal and training. As the course progresses, you’ll learn about test plan implementation, estimation, change management, incident management and test completion reporting.

The course is fully compliant with the syllabus and its prescribed learning objectives. It contains 14 key chapters:

            Chapter 1: What Needs Managing
            Chapter 2: The Test Team
            Chapter 3: Communication Skills
            Chapter 4: Conflict Resolution
            Chapter 5: Appraisals
            Chapter 6: Training
            Chapter 7: How to Use a Test Strategy
            Chapter 8: Documentation Reviews
            Chapter 9: The Test Process
            Chapter 10: Entry and Exit Criteria
            Chapter 11: Metrics for Estimation and Progress
            Chapter 12: Incident Management
            Chapter 13: Reporting
            Chapter 14: Addressing Common Mistakes and Issues


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