Selenium & Cucumber Foundation (eLearning)


Selenium & Cucumber Foundation (eLearning)

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Selenium & Cucumber Foundation (eLearning)


Course Overview
This course provides a basic introduction to Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) using Cucumber and Selenium with Ruby, although the concepts could equally be applied to any language with a Selenium implementation (eg. C#, Java, Python etc.).
Course Objectives
The aim of the course is to provide a high-level background about the technique and an introduction to getting started with the tools and technology. After completing this course, attendees should feel comfortable implementing these concepts on their own and exploring the tools further.
Who Should Attend

  • Technical testers who have a background in programming
  • Developers who want to improve the focus and quality of their code with acceptance tests
  • Test Automation professionals who wish to utilise the power of BDD to focus their tests on behaviour and business value

Participants should have programming background, preferably in Ruby, however, the core concepts can be applied to any language with a Selenium implementation (eg. C#, Java, Python etc.)
Key Syllabus Points

  • The history behind the technique and tools
  • How to get started with the tools
  • Using Gherkin to specify acceptance tests
  • How to drive a web browser with Selenium
  • How to use Selenium and Cucumber together
  • Parameterising tests with test data
  • Using tags to categorise and execute tests



There is no examination for this course.



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